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I was about talking to myself.

Random stuffs again.

Good vibes all the way! 🙂


So I have nothing to tell at all.

But I just need to fulfill my goal of blogging everyday!

Lez start! 🙂

Pressing down!

Hello February 15!

Yez! It’s now Fifteen! The end of pretentious sweet lovers everywhere. HAHAHA! Me acting like an antagonist!

But I was really joking =))

So what’s up!?

I already shared to my two close friends that I am blogging again online.

I have so many dilemmas in blogging online before.

I am really contented and satisfied now.

Thank you WordPress! 🙂

U da best!

I’m sharing my blog in public.

Though I’m hiding my true identity for now.

Nothing matters right?

I just wanted to express my thoughts, feelings and other stuffs like I was writing in my online journal diary.

Mind your own business.

You are the writer of yourself.

God is responsible for publishing your life.

Does it make sense at all now? 🙂

I am going to tell you “how’s my day today?”

  • It’s blessed.
  • Woke up 5:30am
  • Ate my breakfast.
  • Took a bath.
  • Dress-up.
  • Prepared my things for school.
  • Left the house by 7 o’clock in the morning with my sister.
  • Thanks to our forever sweetest driver, my dad.
  • Walked to the LRT station.
  • Rode LRT.
  • Tried to review in the lRT.
  • But I ended up sleeping while standing.
  • Went down on the train.
  • Bought new stored value card.
  • Rode a jeepney.
  • Arrived at school around quarter to 8 o’clock.
  • Went up to the Library.
  • Really tried to study for our Nursing Research quiz later at 10 am.
  • Took a nap again.
  • After several and several minutes, I woke up seeing my saliva on top of my book.
  • Slept so soundly in the library.
  • I’m not a “library person” which means a person fond of going to the library everyday but I found myself wanting our school library to be my studying and sleeping area whenever I need to review seriously.
  • I wanted to go often to our library with a buddy beside me to remind me that “okay, wake up! start studying again! you can do it!” Although God is always with me that I don’t need to worry, I honestly need a friend, a library buddy until I graduate. The one that God has in stored for me as He will use she/he as an essential instrument for my and ours success. 🙂
  • Going back to my narration! Hello! Hello!
  • After studying I went to our canteen.
  • Drunk water.
  • Saw Ana, Hazel and Janus then I sat on their table.
  • Talked to them.
  • Studied a bit though they already said that the quiz on research was easy.
  • 9:50 am, I went to our assigned room.
  • Studied a bit.
  • 10am, started answering the quiz.
  • Thank you God for giving me strength, wisdom and knowledge.  I knew to myself that I don’t really study well because I slept yesterday continuously. I didn’t woke up as early as I was supposed to study.
  • Times up! Passed our answer sheet and questionnaire.
  • Our professor “ZO_AH” connoting her funny and popular verbal expressions, gave our Preliminary grade, research outputs and the requirements we need to pass. Thank you Almighty Father God for giving me a 2.33 Prelim grade on Nursing Research. I don’t want to be jealous to my other friends with higher grades. I just need to be grateful and contented.  I must strive higher next time. Do my best!
  • Discussed with my research group mates our schedule and plans for our research outputs and requirements.
  • Went down to the canteen.
  • Got some research problem issues.
  • Waited for Noel.
  • Played temple run and scrabble while waiting.
  • Chatted with Cha.
  • Went to SM Centerpoint with Noel and Cha.
  • Ate lunch at Jollibee.
  • Talked anything under the sun.
  • Went home at 1pm.
  • Rode a jeepney with Cha.
  • Went to St. Clare.
  • Bought white rose and Sampaguita.
  • Prayed sincerely to Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Clare and Mama Mary.
  • I saw the old woman that borrowed some money to me before and she told me that she will pay me back next time.
  • Rode a jeepney.
  • Walked going home.
  • Changed clothes and freshen-up a little.
  • Cared for baby Sophia for almost 4 hours. Happy 1st month Baby Sophia Fransesca! You are so cute! Urinated, defecated, got hiccups, drunk milk and water then slept. I love you Baby!
  • Watched TV.
  • Played Temple Run.
  • Blogging.
  • Ate dinner! Sopas and Gordon Blue.
  • Bloated.
  • Will study later about NCM 105 quiz tomorrow.
  • Will not watch a movie today.
  • I must start studying seriously for our Midterm Exam in Philippine History and Unit Exam in NCM 105.
  • I must need to work hard and do the best outputs as I can in our Nursing Research.
  • I’m planning to be organized, goal-oriented, motivated and inspired all the time.
  • Will be filling my head with positive happy thoughts.
  • Ultimate goal: Well balanced, successful life in every aspect of my life.
  • Help me Sacred Heart of Jesus.

That’s it for today!


Grateful always! ❤

Good night everyone!