It’s Sunday!

I celebrated holy eucharistic mass with the Lord 🙂

How about you?


As a Catholic, Celebrating Mass every Sunday is not an obligation but a commitment.

Everyday we can attend and celebrate mass.

Seek the Lord always 🙂

Do not only seek Him as your last option of hope.

Do not only seek Him when you’re lonely, depressed, disappointed, failing, losing and all negativity.

Pray with Trust and Faith.

Love the Lord with all your heart, mind and soul.

Seek Him ♥


I observed consciously.

I am praying that someday sooner, all Catholic would dress properly and accordingly when going and entering to the Sacred House of the Lord, our Church.

My conscious mind is already fixed that whenever I will go and enter a Church or Chapel, I will be presentable and simple. Dressed accordingly and properly.



For me it’s a big deal.

It’s a sign of respect and love with Him 🙂


I am also praying that more people will be saved and evangelized.


Just a sharing again:

I opened my tumblr site and I went to my dashboard.

I reblogged. I liked. I read.

My friend posted her 40 days’ list with NO to internet and etc. that she will more focus on meditating, praying and studying too for 40 days.

I was eager to do that also so I made my list on my notes.

  • No to Alcohol
  • No to Junk Foods
  • No to Soft drinks.
  • 2-3 hours internet.
  • Less Facebook and Twitter.

And I still wanted to add more as part of my Abstinence until April 8, 2012.

I already searched for the Lenten Calendar, for me to be aware and be sensitive.

I will put those dates in my planner later.


Too bad I didn’t attend to our Youth Camp training today.

I lied for not attending there because I already knew my father wants me to study and rest all day instead of going there so I didn’t bother to deal with it overly yesterday.



I must face my reality NOW.

I will now study and study.

Nursing Research + Spiritual Nursing + NCM105.


I can do it! I can give my all!

Unexpected and great days ahead!


Thank you Father God 🙂


Good evening everyone!