Hello again everyone! 🙂

Another post for my day today!

  • I spent my day at home with my family.
  • Watching TV, playing draw me application in my itouch, taking care of Baby Sophia, eating chocolate cookies dipped in milk and surfing the net.
  • I had a careless mistake with Baby Sophia when I was about to transfer her in front of our car to my cousin, I didn’t noticed that Baby Sophia already bumped her head on top of the car aircon. I’m so sorry baby! 😦 I hope there’s nothing bad effect that will happen.
  • I am very happy today because my besty, choly suddenly pm-ed me on Facebook chat and told me to visit a site. It’s http://www.kalsadajuantv.com/ I had a chance to hear my name on 37,000 online viewers! Choly had an OJT at that station. Such a cool experience! I wanted to be a DJ someday too. Thank you Choly and to your friend DJ there who told on air that I am beautiful :> Thank you again for ending my night happily, Choly! ♥
  • Still blogging but I must sleep now!
  • Tomorrow is another day! I hope I can celebrate Eucharistic mass, go to YFC chapter meeting, blog and finished reading The Giver.
  • I must also study for my duty on Monday! I feel that I will be very busy this week because of our upcoming case presentation!

Thank you Father God ♥ I love you!

Time to bring back all the glory to you ♥

God bless my friends!

Have a good sleep! 🙂

Goodnight again!