It’s Sunday and I had a good day.
How about you? 🙂

We survived the past week with Him.
Let’s be grateful for another week ahead!

My tasks that I must do today though I posted it yesterday were unsuccessful.
Don’t want to blame again my laziness and the hot weather but these were also the factors that I didn’t attend in our YFC chapter meeting and I didn’t finish reading “The Giver”.
I am still sick. I have non-productive cough and a tension headache.
Do you still have difficulties in deciding and responding in a better way without offending others’ feelings?
I still do have these hard times.
So sad that I can’t stand firmly in whatever decisions I take.
In time, indeed I know that I can face confidently to every consequences with every decisions I will choose.

My day went on scorching. . .
• Celebrated Mass.
• Helped in doing household chores.
• Watched TV shows and a movie. Bangkok traffic love story made my afternoon and “Gandang Gabi Vice” made my night happily! Best Sunday show that uplifted my mood!
• Bonded again with my best friend, Sym at our home.
• We have a new dog! Thanks to our cousin!
• Ate roasted chicken and pork for lunch and dinner!
• Ate pizza and ice cream for our afternoon snack.
• Enjoyed reading articles about being healthy. I bookmarked that blogsite for Filipino nurses and to everyone.
• Watched Anna Tan’s video blog about tips for NLE. I already bookmarked it! Really essential for me and for all of us, future RNs 🙂

I need to sleep now!
Thank youuuu!

Have a good sleep!