Unlucky I am for not saving my blog post yesterday night. I thought that when I wake up and open my itouch, I will see my post but I didn’t. It was not saved at all. That long post that I am proud of because of the every details I’ve remembered about my day on last Friday became nonsense because it’s gone. Hence, I’m really proud of my memory when I blog about my day, very therapeutic indeed!


Now, I’m about to type and tell you again how’s my day last Friday, Yesterday and Today.

I’ll just wanna share to you the highlighted part of my day 🙂

If it’s alright with you? I’ll now go on and start pressing… 1,2,3! 😀


April 27, 2012 – Friday

  • History repeats itself. A very same scenario that happened at the last minute before we have our Case Presentation last year and this day. Our scheduled time was 8am, before it was 1pm I think so we crammed to finish editing, printing and producing copies of our case. Last year, I didn’t have a chance to fully cooperate with my group mates regarding our case presentation because I was assigned to work on a different area, the CHN Disease Surveillance Report that should be passed on the same day also with our case presentation. On this day, our case was from my patient at the EENT Ward on an afternoon shift. All I could say is, I put a lot of effort now compare to my other group members and I’m proud of giving my all in our case. There’s a lot of conflicts and misunderstanding that happened in our group but still we hold on to one another until the end of our Case Presentation. I’m very glad and grateful that our work has few revisions and close to completeness. Thank you to our Savior Father, God and to our panelists, Ms. Arroyo and Mr. Lopez; And lastly to our audience from section 3D. I’m proud of myself and to my group mates most especially to Jorhene, Marissa, Ingrid, Yanyan, Ivan, Jc and Hannah. Job well done C11! >:D<
  • I almost forgot my eye glasses again when I realized that I left it at our classroom. So from accounting office, I hurriedly go back to our classroom and luckily I found my eye glasses there. I think there are 3-4 times that I already forgot and left my eye glasses but thank God that I always realized that it’s lost and I found it. I don’t want to misplace and left my eye glasses again even if the grade of the glasses was not appropriate to my eye sight but still I use it and its value is vital.
  • First time that I strongly had an urge to defecate at our school but not particularly actually at our school that I defecated, it was beside our school area at Something’s cooking food restaurant. I even had my first day of menstruation for the month of April that I thought I only urinate a little in my underwear but when I checked it at the toilet before our case presentation started, it was blood and it already stained my under garments. Thank God that I went to the toilet to check it or else it will stain my white uniform. Thanks Mikee, my 1st year college classmate, for giving me your extra sanitary napkin. Alright, back to defecating topic, Janet and I went to Something’s Cooking to eat but I really felt the urge to defecate so I wanted to defecate at our school but Janet told me to defecate at the comfort room of the restaurant so I followed Janet’s advice. I successfully done my defecating there even though there’s a lot of effort to reach the sink from the toilet and there’s no tissue in the bathroom but I get a few tissues at the counter before I went to the comfort room. Hohoho enough on that part.
  • Ate lunch together with Janet >:D<
  • Went to Legarda and asked 3-4 stores for medical supplies that I needed for physical assessment and I bought nothing due to their lack of supplies and I have no enough budget. Time and efforts wasted. I entered at the University of  The East campus and I suddenly miss my first year and second year college years there with my friends and teachers. Great experiences and memories, I miss.
  • Went to Sohpie Martin at St. Thomas Square, Recto Manila to buy six magic blush on. Luckily, I still have my customers, my classmates even if the price of the blush on rise from P70 to P85 and there’s a delay of giving them their orders because the blush on was always out of stock in the market.
  • Home 🙂 Texting, watching TV, surfing the net and sleeping late.


April 28, 2011 – Saturday

  • At home, wasting my time doing nothing in the morning and afternoon.
  • Removed my blackheads by the use of my father’s technique, using the sides of the scissor. Then I applied ice on my nose and face.
  • Rushed out going to Sm Marikina to buy a gift for Baby Julia with my sister.
  • Enjoyed buying dress for Baby Sophia and Baby Julia. After, we went home and fixed ourselves going to Baby Julia’s party.
  • We waited for Kuya Peping to fetch us going to the World of Butterflies. Then he arrived late. At the party, we thought we’re late but we’re just on time for the early dinner part.
  • We didn’t enjoy much at the party and I don’t want to detail it more.
  • I felt beautiful yesterday and I kept on looking at the mirror because of my eyebrows with a dark brown shade that I didn’t even washed my face until I fell asleep.
  • Watched TV, Surfed the net, Blogged, Slept Late.


April 29, 2012 – Sunday

  • Stayed at home.
  • Did nothing again.
  • Blogged.
  • Will be ready in awhile and go to church later to celebrate Holy Eucharistic Mass.
  • I hope today I can finish the book that Marissa lend me and tomorrow I will study for Physical Assessment and come to school early for my duty at the Medical Charity Ward.


Sorry for not updating everyday again.

I wish I have an organized pattern of managing my time well.


Some life realizations and dramas before the week ends,

People don’t want to regret things because its awful but why people kept on letting go and not caring for what they know is important.

It is not good to rely on people too much because they can leave us as easy as pie but God will never leave us no matter what so rely 100% on Him and you will be rested.

Don’t care to people who don’t deserve your care because its just useless act, time and effort.

I used to know you a lot but now I’m like a stranger to you.

I don’t want to be bad to you because you did bad to me. I just know how to be good in every situation to every people.

Don’t mind what people say, be yourself and be happy with the one who makes you truly happy.

Have a sensitive mind and heart to cooperate. Be fair enough to others.

Be strong, stand still and hold on because you are with God :>


Thank you God for everything!

Let me bring back the praise and glory to you by celebrating mass later 🙂

Thank you ♥


Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

Good day!