Is it okay if I suddenly disappear now?
I want to be invicible for a moment.
Invisible to everybody and everywhere but not for my God.

Escaping from a problem is being a coward.
I’m trying to fight, to stand still, to hold on and to be strong despite of my problems that I am facing now.
Doing these were not easy.

When my paranoid side attacks me, it confuses me on what I must do in a certain situation.
I don’t ever expect that this problem will happen to me, to my family and to one of my close friend in College.
I don’t know what to do, I want to make a distance but I’m afraid about the consequences of my decisions.

To tell you how’s my day, briefly.. this is it 🙂

  • Woke up late, went to school just in time.
  • Watched Case Presentation of B5, what a coincidence! I must say! The patient of them for their case presentation was also my patient.
  • I asked and answered questions.
  • I got pissed off.
  • Research meeting and submission but it’s nonsense.
  • Played Left4dead at SM Centerpoint, Netopia with Ana, Joanna and Mica.
  • Attended Mega Tule Orientation.
  • Arrived late at home.
  • before my day ends, I finally saw my mother again! Full house! 🙂 Ate dinner together and Slept together ❤


No matter how good, awkward, pissed and happy was my day, Thank you Father God ♥


Take care!