Hello!!! 🙂

I miss blogging for 3 consecutive days!

For this month, I admit and accept that I can’t blog everyday because I need to cherish every moment with my Mom because her vacation stay here in the Philippines is only for 20 days which is, on May 24, 2012.. she will flight back to Kuwait again to work 😦 😐

I will also get busy because of Research 2 requirements and Enhancement Final Exam. I am faithfully hoping that I can pass my summer subjects for this year. This will be my last summer class so I know by your mighty power and love for me, Lord God, I will pass! 🙂

I’ll just update parts of my day starting from May 9 until today! 🙂

Ready? Hohoho! Let’s keep pressing! 🙂

May 9, 2012 – Wednesday

  • Early went to school for our research
  • Went home and decided to eat my packed lunch at home rather than eating at school
  • BS, Janet went to our house and we had talked a lot
  • Finished editing my research part and started distributing tasks of my research groupmates
  • Prepared for my night duty at the Operating Room of UERM Hospital with Marissa, Prudence and Carlo
  • Marissa and I watched Burlesque and then we had slept for 2-3 hours
May 10, 2012 – Thursday
  • At around 5Am, Carlo woke us up and told us that there’s an open appendectomy for emergency patient
  • I am willing to give that case for Carlo because he had no case during his 3 days duty but then he said that he already have that same case with a same role, circulating nurse
  • Prudence and I got a case
  • We went home around 9AM
  • Slept and then went to school again for OR rotation orientation with Mrs. Lim
  • After the orientation, C11 had a conflict again for the schedule
  • Luckily at the end of conversation with the group, we chose to follow what Mrs. Lim said for the schedule of duty, I am included in the morning shift group 🙂
  • Made an informed consent and submitted it to Lailah
  • Went to Gastambide to print the picture of baby, designed by Ate leni, for Baby Sophia’s Tarpaulin at home. The vendor there was so kind that he didn’t accept the picture to be printed because it was too small, that if he still insisted to print it, it will become blurred and pixelized. He advised me to use Adobe Photoshop. Thank you Kuya Tarpaulin printer for not just printing pictures immediately without editing, for the sake of earning money
  • Went to Sophie and ordered magic blush-on and velvet nude lipstick. After I bought, I am hesitant at first to ask about ITR from BIR to Ma’am Roanne but I bravely ask about it for my scholarship and told me tips. Thank you Ma’am Roanne and the other Ma’am who is also the customer during that time
  • Went home tired but grateful

May 11, 2012 – Friday

  • Morning duty, 6-2 shift with Jorhene, Alyssa and JC. We had one patient in labor and JC got the actual case.
  • I was hoping that there would be another patient in labor that shift but then, no one came.
  • There were 2 patients came for a diagnostic test and D&C only
  • We observe during the procedure and IV insertion on both patients
  • I received a text that made me sad
  • We played Pinoy Henyo during duty hours waiting for our Lunch break Haha! Laughed out loud 🙂
  • Ordered avocado shake at VIVS. My first time to taste an avocado! Yummy 🙂
  • We ate lunch together and after that, I can really feel the big urge to defecate. So I defecated there at the toilet for the second time around! Happy Tummy 🙂 Not constipated anymore!
  • Asked the requirements for applying a scholarship to Ms. Ong
  • Asked Ms.Ong about our research concerns
  • JC got mad at me and to Alyssa for not being sensitive enough for his feelings
  • Photocopied research ethics checklist and letter
  • Made a sorry letter on a piece of paper to JC
  • Went home immediately, rode a train and then a jeepney. I asked the security guard about BIR office and requirement but she didn’t know.
  • When I walk near home, I saw a woman sweeping on the floor. I passed by her and thought that I must asked her if she knew about BIR. Luckily, I asked her and she knew that and also the other guy that she works with. They told me to the nearest BIR in our place, near Kingsville village going to Masinag. It was just a one ride away from here to there. I am grateful to them and then I immediately rode a jeepney going there and asked for the requirements from the security guard.
  • Finally, I got the chance to make it, to got a certification from BIR to my mother 🙂

May 12, 2012 – Saturday

  • Tarp at Recto
  • Ate Hotdog sandwich
  • Misd research
  • SPASS time with Ms. Uayan
  • Research meeting
  • Ordered KFC
  • Went to Fathima’s house
  • Make an essay with Fathima’s help!
Grateful days! 🙂 Thank you God! :*