Another blog post before the day ends!
Hey there! I am back again, ready to blog before I sleep. I want to share a funny and weird story that happened awhile ago. Hahaha! 😉
Before I went to the salon, there’s a lot of things that I do. I changed clothes and wore the most important thing, bra. Took a picture of myself and kept my phone because I don’t want to bring it. I went to the public market to buy a dozen of eggs, a pack of cigarette for my dad, a dozen of conditioner sachets and 15 pieces of “pandesal” (bread). I went home as fast as I could that maybe it only took me 15-20 minutes to go and buy those things. Thinking that my dad was hungry so I headed home the fastest! Haha! 😉 Even though I’m tired, I suddenly decided to cook and prepare “meryenda” (snack). It’s my first time to cook egg with cheese and I felt the joy of cooking! I loved what I felt! Then I prepared a pitcher of juice with ice. Finally, I took a picture of what I’ve made for our snack and called my dad and sister-in-law. I’m happy that my dad recognized my efforts of cooking and preparing our snack for today 😉 A true simple gift that brought simple joy to my dad! 🙂 Happy kid I am at the moment! 🙂
For the main part of my funny and weird story.. After eating, it rained hard so I decided to wash the dishes and cook rice before I go to the salon. When the rain had stopped, I went out the house without even wearing a bra. Hahaha! I forgot that I was able to remove it when I went home and didn’t even tried to put it back before I left the house. Luckily, the salon was near to our house, one street away and my breasts were not that big to be seen with a white printed shirt that I am wearing. Hahaha! And that was it! In addition, Gullible, impulsive and obsessive mode on for me when I listened to the gay lady who will cut my hair that instead I will pay P40 for haircut, I pay P340! I got a keratin hair treatment because that gay lady said that it’s for the benefit of my hair. So, alright, I agreed because I have money in my pocket.
Okaaay, got more credits to pay! ;(
Hoping that it will be worth-it! *positive thinking!

Bye long hair! And hello medium-length hair! ;D

Made my day! I am laughing with myself whether I will publish my story or not but I’m crazy so I will post this one! Hahaha! 😉 Sorry and thanks for reading!

Thank you God! No more negative vibes.

Goodnight Friends!