144 ~ Service

Distracted. Envious. Doubted. Worried. Feared. Lazy. Bossy. Pessimism. Sad.

I hate that! 😦 Nobody loves that either :p

There’s a lot of things that I need to be grateful for today but I’m full of negativity and I don’t know why. Oh! Maybe because I have this altered mood due to premenstrual syndrome symptoms.

Thank God that I chose to attend our YFC’s first prayer meeting! I organized the game which was the ice breaker part and I am happy to see that they enjoyed the egg evolution game! HAHA! I am quite famous as the “game master” in our class before and now in YFC. 🙂 Our topic during the talk of JC was about “Service”. So what’s service to you? How should I define it.. I think, for me, It’s an unconscious or conscious act and will to help others. Whether you know it or not, everyday you have served people and God even with the simplest and tiniest way. Either you expect it or not, you have this crazy little thing called service everytime and everywhere. I didn’t tried to share something after the talk because I’m quite shy, don’t know what specific story to share, and insufficient time. So, would you mind if I share it here? I think it’s definitely alright with you.

To start it with, I have these key concepts that I can relate into “Service” and these are challenge, enthusiasm, passion, faith, hard work, and a relationship.


1. Challenge, because having a service comes with a responsibility. No matter how big or small you have served, it’s the time, effort, and thought that really counts. Whether you admit or not, you want something to achieve every time you have this service to your people, family, friends, community and etc. It’s somehow became a real challenge to serve in order to get fruitful outcomes brought about by your service.

2. Enthusiasm,  because you must have this fuel to continue going and growing to serve for lives.

3. Passion, because you must enjoy and love with all your mind, body, soul of every bits of what, who, when, where you serve. All aspects of service, you must love it so you will never get tired doing and doing  it.

4. Faith, because you need to believe that everything you do has its purpose. You have a purpose. Serving with a purpose, just like your essential life. You may know it or not on how long you will serve, but still you have this faith that you keep because you want to serve and just simply serve lives.

5. Hard Work, because you serve with the use of your body, mind and soul. Honestly, you will get tired in terms of fatigue and stress with your service but these things doesn’t matter to you. It seems that every time you had served, you know it’s worth-it, worth-while and everything worth-working-hard for.

6. Relationship, because you have this invisible bond with your service that you can never escape off. Sense of guilt and regression will come on your way if you abruptly left your service. It will hunt your conscience. So don’t ever attempt to leave your service without a valid reason. HAHAHA! Just kidding! 😀

That’s what service for me, I somewhat make it to the point that whatever service I got, I must give my all. Though, I’m not that perfect in my various services, I did my service and I accept that chance of serving for myself, my family, friends, others and for the country 🙂


How’s your services so far? Keep doing an awesome job! 🙂


I need to study now even if it’s late night already. I enjoyed at the end of this day, end of the month of June.


Thank you God! 🙂


Goodnight lovely servants!