Good evening! 🙂

A Blessed Sunday, celebrating it with the Lord! Thank you God!
I chose to go to church all by myself. Spending an hour of my day with Him was worth-it.
The Homily was about strengthening our faith, our life.
Jesus Christ has been rejected too, but He chose to go on and preach people. In our daily lives, we may fear being rejected by our society or even our closest family and friends. Some people don’t realize that rejection is just a challenge, you may win or lose, accept or reject, go on and stop. Either way, whatever results that may come, always chose and strive to go on and on. Stand up if you lose, Accept it even if you’ve been rejected.
It’s okay to be sad and disappointed for awhile but if it takes you more than hours depressing yourself on a certain situation or thing, that’s the problem. You’ve been drowned by all negativity around you. The most scariest thing about that simple rejection can badly lead to premature death. That’s bad so prevent that from happening with all your might! 🙂
Another learning from the Homily is, whatever position in your life’s right now, either small or big, always keep the faith with the Lord. Don’t you ever forget Him. Even if you are the wealthiest or powerful human in this earth but you think you are more superior than your God, forget it.
Learn to appreciate every blessings God gave to you because He made you, every single second of your life is a miracle, a blessing. Even though you think you are unworthy of God’s love, don’t be. We are all worthy because God loves us so much.

Keep the faith and positivity flowing, as I keep on saying these in my past blog posts, God loves you above all things. Love your life. ;D

Had a productive day! I will finish all my worksheets and review ABC and Disaster Nursing or Geriatrics maybe.

God Bless Friends!