Thank you God! :*
You guided me in my exam even though I didn’t study very, very well. Acute biologic crisis unit exam, done! I’m happy that I have good notes to share with my classmates. I know I can pass the exam! I hope I have lesser mistakes. Thanks to my amazing professor, inspiring role model too, Ma’am Custodio! ❤

Thank you my Father, for all these blessings! I may not mention it all, but I am very grateful every time in every situation I am with.

Yesterday night, A really saddened news came, Mr. "Dolphy", another inspiring happy person, the King of Comedy, passed away at the age of 83 because of multi-system failure brought about by COPD. Same disease that caused the death of my grandfather in Cebu. Mr. Dolphy had a special part of my childhood and to my family when we watch his famous show, "Home along the Riles". You will surely be missed by your loved ones and those people whom you've touched lives. Thanks for the laughter, as our free medicine to life. 🙂 Rest in peace, Mr. Dolphy.

I must find time to have a more study time because I'm always tempted to watch TV, sleep, eat and surf the net rather than to study. Huhu. My bad, my problem. I need to be focus and manage my time well.

Sleeping time already! Goodnight people! 🙂

God Bless everyone!