How are you doing out there? 🙂

Me.. I am sitting here, listening to a soothing, lovely music with a luscious food on my side. A cold ambience and colorful lit function hall.

Today, after the Friday the thirteenth. My dad and I attended a wedding of our long-time neighbor at Christ the King and the reception was at Mango Farm.
Since I was a child, Wedding events were very rare. At my teenage years, including today, maybe I had attended around 4-5 wedding occasions already. Going to my young adult to middle adult stage in the near future, I wonder how many wedding events shall I attend in, too.
I wanted to attend this special events because of the foods! Yeah! Various foods, so here I come to eat like a tiger! Raaawr! 😉 even though this event shall require formality, I can bring it on! Haha! I feel beautiful today! Thanks for my awesome sister, for my outstanding pleasant appearance for today! Haha! 🙂

While we are waiting, I’m glad that my dad is not a kill-joy type. We went to the free photo booth and we took a picture. It’s my first time to went on a photo booth with less people around it, no lines in it.

Happy day!
It’s so nice to feel that you’re always loved.
Love, love, love!
Food, Music, Fireworks, Floaters etc.