162 ~ Learning to live and to die


Geriatrics – Mr. AB, MAN, RN

July 27, 2012; Friday

“Tuesdays With Morrie”

      “When you learn how to live, you learn how to die.” said Morrie, or also known as,  our famous coach who loves to eat, to dance, to learn and to seize every day he had in his life. As Morrie accept how he age as time flies and how he doesn’t fear his upcoming death, was indeed, a courageous and blissful older adult that even though deep inside, during the slow and ruthless killing of his degenerative disease with him, he take it oppositely and differently directing towards the goodness of life while he is alive.

A person grows older, hence, together with the concept of his or her aging process is his or her mind and body that goes on a continual change. In the case of Morrie, he began to experience cramps and irregular twitching of his lower extremities, fatigue, progressive muscle weakness and incoordination; as his disease progresses, his muscles in the legs, arms, and trunk became atrophied, he also had weakness of the posterior tongue and palate that impairs his ability to cough, laugh and even blow his nose, had difficulty in swallowing and experienced shortness of breath. Morrie had an Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or also referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Elderly adults in a stereotypical and pessimistic society towards them because of more dependency and less role competence due to chronic illness like this, results in a loss or alteration of their self-esteem. But when it comes to Morrie, his self-esteem and personality is very intact, boosting up instead of losing, accepting instead of self-pitying himself everytime of the day, choosing to be happy rather than to be sad because of his supportive family and friends around him.

Caring and warmth atmosphere with his loved ones was essential with Morrie. An elder adult like him who became dependent doesn’t experienced any abuse, neglect, violence and abandonment. He had a personal private nurse at home to attend to his needs and concerns. Morrie had a regular chest physiotherapy exercise too. His wife was really there to provide continuous support, love and care for Morrie in sickness until death.

Mitch feared the idea of death, even I, because it’s a saddest topic that people undergoes and eventually accepts even if it hurts like hell. When Mitch found out that Morrie is dying, he visited his coach. He had seen Morrie’s physical and psychological changes as he visits him every Tuesday. Mitch, tried his very best to keep his promises true to his coach so every Tuesday, Mitch and Morrie bonded like they were before. They eat together, go to park and to their old school, talk and act with each other like his coach doesn’t have a disease. As much as possible, like Mitch, always spend time with Morrie during this changing phase of his mind and body. Apply good therapeutic communication, establish trust, encourage verbalization of feelings, provide opportunities for relaxation and activity, and support Morrie to cope up and wholeheartedly accept those changes with him. Always listen and be sensitive for his needs and concerns. Morrie had embrace change and the idea of close to death, he said, “Death ends life but not a relationship”.

When I read this book, there were really plenty of lessons that I’ve learned, likewise, in my second time of watching this movie. Morrie’s aphorisms are genuine and pure. To summarize it up, I’ve learned living with simplicity. Whatever your age right now, enjoy it whether your young or old, don’t be afraid to show the real you, cry like there’s no one watching over you, forgive people, love one another, serve your community, keep your promises, have a clarity and direction in your life and appreciate every chances of learning and living. Only our Heavenly Father, God knows when will be the end of our stay in this earth, take care of yourself and your loved ones, especially our elderly, and do everything with love so that you will grow peacefully.



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