Happy to give my 100% trust with you Lord! 🙂
No worries, I just pray and trust you! 🙂
Thank you God for giving me a kind and understanding patient once again.
There’s no regret that I took the risk even if I have no mask to protect myself from my patient’s disease.
I know I am fine, my Savior Jesus had protected and guided me today and for the next days to come.

Duty in the Female Medical Ward was fine even if I’m not that toxic enough, I expected that it is a challenging ward for me, but for the past week and this week, it’s the opposite. Maybe I must be ready for next week ahead because we will be in the morning shift by then. Ready my armor, faith and knowledge.
One patient at the male medical ward died during our shift, saddening to see the patient’s relatives. But as Morrie told us that, “death ends life but not a relationship”, it quite made me light.

Complete history taking, physical assessment, obtained vital signs, provided tepid sponge bath, assisted patient, doned manual pricking of CBG taking, took a quiz about drugs, plotted on the TPR chart and observed intubating the patient, provided health teaching, I think that’s all that I’ve done for today’s duty. Tomorrow is another learning day! God bless me 🙂

God bless us all! 🙂

I need to stay up late and finish my paper works for today that must be passed tomorrow to our clinical instructor Sir Mejia. I can do this! Let me go for now! 😀


Take care, Sleep tight, Pray and thank the Lord for this day, Goodnight! :”>