Unlucky morning when I woke up at the wrong side of my bed. Felt really lazy to let go of my cold bed and pillow sheets. It’s already 4am, there’s a little bit rain outside and there’s no news about suspension of classes. I wanted to verify if we have duty later so I’ve pm-ed my group mate, Alyssa! She replied fast, and told me that we have our duty today. Sigh a bit. I’m too slow to move earlier that morning so I ended up running late again.
When I arrived at J.Ruiz Station, I saw Pau, one of my group mates, and we’re both running late. I regret not following Pau’s decision to take the elevator and get dressed at the ward because we followed my decision of using the stairs and stopping over to get dressed before going to the ward, which is sadly bad because instead of late, we are laid off, which is absent for arriving 6:16am in the Medical Ward.

We have our rule in our school regarding our attendance during RLE hours that was established many years ago that a student must come 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time, 15 minutes late of the said time is considered late, while beyond that 15 minutes is absent. So we are beyond that 15 minutes for ONE MINUTE because of the bad weather condition and plus to my laziness and slow pace.Then, our professor talked to us and she insisted to follow the rule rather than understanding us because we are already in our senior year. Hello Laid-off! it’s my first time ever to experience you so bad! Suddenly, one of our group mate, Andrew came later than us, so he was laid-off also.

The three of us who were laid-off got really pissed and sad. We used the elevator to go down and we stayed outside the cafeteria because it’s closed. We waited there until quarter to 8 o’clock because we will wait for the College of Nursing Dean’s office to open. While waiting, we talked about how bad we felt because of our laid-off experience for the first time. Also, we talked about our professor (I know it’s bad but it’s just that I want to ventilate my hate to her). After the saddest verbalizations of feelings and related stories, we ended up talking on a brighter side, happy stories to share. Suddenly the calling of nature had come for me, I diverted my attention so that I can simply control the situation but I defecated at the hospital’s toilet. I had an abrupt attack of my bowel movement while I’m sitting and waiting, maybe it’s due to my breakfast that was near-spoiled phase already that I ate. Thanks to the cleaner personnel at that time, who had helped me by giving me a pile of water. So, it was successfully launch! HAHA! 🙂

While we’re crossing the street going back to our school, our global personnel, Kuya Rodel, told us that classes are already suspended! We also saw students heading home, so it was a lucky experience for us that the school had suspended the classes at 7am but the morning duty was to be suspended at 12nn. We go to our adviser’s office, Ms. Uayan and she called our clinical instructor, Mrs. Molo, at the Medical Ward. We were not required to go back to our duty, yet we need to submit an excuse slip. I’m a bit happy because Ms. Uayan had called me by my last name again. I don’t know if she really remembers me even if I don’t wear my nameplate, or she remembers me by my quite foolish and annoying acts. Haha! 🙂
We asked for an excuse slips, wrote down our same reasons, and submitted it. We also submitted our competency appraisal worksheet to the office that was due today.

I went home riding a jeepney from our school to cubao and then to Marikina. I sit still and overthink a lot.
When I arrived at home, I tried to sleep again but I can’t. Instead, I watched TV and surfed the net. After,  I and my family ate adobong baboy for our lunch.

I am still thinking on how will my day be productive.. what shall I do.. should I make poster notes for review.. or just read a book.. do doodles.. clean our room.. organize my stuffs.. listen to radio all-day.. and etc. Help me to be productive today and to do these, all of the above! 🙂

Thank you Father God for helping me, saving my day and brightening up my day! 🙂
You had answered my prayers the least that I’ve expected.
I’m truly sorry because I rationalize a lot of reasons that I’ve protected myself wrongly. What had happenend to me was my fault. I need to take responsibility of it, just like what my sister told me. Sorry again, Papa Jesus. ❤

Punctuality is really a must! I must work on that very soon! 🙂

Accept your faults. Let go of the negativity. Make a step to correct yourself.

Lessons Learned! 🙂



Productive and Blissful Monday!


Take Care and God bless!


Good afternoon!





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A nurse with immense dreams and strong faith. Deals with everything about life. Moves towards God's graciousness. I love writing, drawing, listening to music, storytelling, traveling, watching k-dramas/netflix, reading books, dancing, teaching kids, and so many more!! ✌

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