Southwest monsoon “Habagat”
A moderate to severe damage to lives, houses, cars and other infrastructures.
Floods everywhere, everyday until today.
It was my first time to evacuate due to heavy rains and abrupt rise of the mud water outside our house.
My father told us to pack our things as fast as we could so we can save ourselves and our car in a safer and higher place.
I, my brother, sister-in-law, and baby Sophia first went to S-Mall, Parang Marikina which was a higher place to stay-in told by dad.
We stayed there for a few hours.
I called my grandmother’s house to know if they were okay there, suddenly my aunt offered to fetch us and asked us to stay at their house because of our condition, most especially with Baby Sophia.
I, Ate Leni and Baby Sophia was brought at our grandmother’s house. Thanks uncle and cousin for fetching us. We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights.

There’s a reason for us to be there. I was able to see my grandmother, I was able to take care of her because she has a productive cough and fever, I was able to help her do the chores and all. I got irritated at some point for some reasons but I tend to get over it instead of getting mad. I must handle any negativity well.

Praying the Holy Rosary really works!
I and my cousin sincerely prayed the Holy Rosary and it was effective because our family and houses were safe from flood and heavy rains.

Thank you God for saving and protecting us continuously 😉
I know you had worked so much beyond more and despite of everything.
There’s really a solution and purpose to every problem He gives.
Because He knows, we can survive!

We were now at our house, 65% donned cleaning. We received a relief goods that includes instant noodles, instant coffee, rice, Fita biscuits, candles and sardines. I thinks it’s our first time to receive a relief good from our baranggay. Thanks again!

It’s raining hard again, I shall put away my worries because God will never let us down even if the sun refuse to shine.

Almost a week with no classes. Thanks for my friends and adviser for their concerns about my condition. Our school and hospital were flooded on the first floor. May more volunteers and angels send help to my alma mater.
Wish I could help and volunteer to my community but I need to help my family and relatives first in this sudden calamity. I’ll keep on praying for everybody.

Stop raining, good sunny day ahead please. 🙂

Pray, Give and Help for the Philippines!

Take care!

God Bless!




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A nurse with immense dreams and strong faith. Deals with everything about life. Moves towards God's graciousness. I love writing, drawing, listening to music, storytelling, traveling, watching k-dramas/netflix, reading books, dancing, teaching kids, and so many more!! ✌

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