What a sudden event can change your mood, affect, attitude, taste, and everything. It’s indirectly proportional, any alteration to a balance state of a certain thing shall bring a good or bad effect to one another. Vice-versa.
How come that no matter how much you’ve tried to be good, to be patient, to be productive and all virtuous values and efforts, it’s not enough, there’s incompleteness and inconsistencies.
Disliking this week, my actions, my thoughts, my words, my time, on how ineffective I am for some areas.
Resting and depressing this down points were no good at all in the first place.

Silence. Solitude. Serenity. Security.
Self-Awareness week to work on ahead.

One, two, three – step by step, I can survive this week! Carry on!

I love you Lord! I know you are carrying me and embracing me in this cold rainy night. Save me, Father. Thank you ❤

Sleep well people, be strong.