Thank God it’s Friday! 🙂
Sweetness and Happiness overload! thank you, thank you, thank you Father God! My true Savior, Teacher and Best friend, My everything! ;>;

Woke up early, set the clock before I sleep yesterday at 6am and when the alarms rang, I snoozed my two phones as my alarm clock for multiple times!
It’s difficult to get up from the bed because I’m quite tired yesterday and sleepy. Though my class starts at 8am for competency appraisal, I went out of the house around 8:10am. Very late, indeed. I thought the 7am exam of my other batch mates for critical care nursing will start and end late, so I decided to be at school at 9am. But I was wrong, they have started and ended early than I thought. Actually, I stood up from bed at 7:30 am and prepared myself as fast as I could to be finished at 8am, then I texted my friends, Hazel and Alyssa if their exam were finished already. I got a little heart attack when Hazel replied that their exam was over. The fact that I’m still at home and I’m gonna be marked as absent for our competency appraisal class were saddening because it will be my first absent if ever. In our school, one of the criteria to be excused from being absent is by securing an excuse slip with medical certificate. Thinking and creating a story of being sick, were hard, conscience-burning, and bad that made me more sick and sad. But this act would help me in class but will take effect on my conscience and guilt. I am confused and worried. Yet, I continued texting Hazel to text me if our professor already came and she replied “not yet”, so I hurriedly went out of the house to go to school, still praying, hoping and bargaining with God that I would make it on class before our professor started the lecture. Thank God, there’s a technical delay due to the LCD projector, I got at school around 9am and I’ve waited also to set-up the LCD.

Thank you also Father God for the two amazing professors that keep on advocating and urging us to read and review nursing concepts and skills, being a good leader, and modeling us as a real fourth year student that can support and supervise our lower batches.

Thank you Almighty God, for guiding me during the post-test exam on Chronic Kidney Disease, passing me on the test, instant bonding with friends at Robinson’s Magnolia before going home, seeing Daniel Padilla and other Female artists and heading home safe.

I am truly grateful and happy today!
Thank you, my Father Lord 🙂

Hope you had a grateful and blissful Friday!

To God be the Glory, always! 😀

Goodnight, sleep well friends!