How are you so far? 🙂

I have an immense problem. Time management, Commitment, Consistency, Passion, Skill, Punctuality, and Obedience, these were all that I need to work on, to improve more and to do always. To combat negativities that had happened to me the past weeks and days, I am in dire need of these.

Unexpected happiness today! Though I am not productive right here. Confident, beautiful, positive Saturday!
We attended the 1st birthday party of baby Blaire, which is the daughter of Ate Kristel, our college friend. I got full that makes me wanna sleep after a heavy meal. We enjoyed the food, game, and photobooth! 🙂

After there, my best friend went to our house. Bonded like real sisters, always.

Thank you Papa Lord God and Papa Jesus Christ for this day! Love you both! Mwah!

Goodnight people! Have a good sleep, Pray 🙂