I enjoyed our long weekend!
Forgot to blog anymore because of mixed and random happenings!

Handled more on extra-curricular activities than focusing on my academics part. Too bad, imbalance an inconsistency again to that.

I’m gonna sum up the days that I didn’t post a blog. Just a short cues!
• The Reunion Movie
• Last Film Showing
• Bonding with My sister
• KFC picture moments
• Practice for Dance Production on YFC Campus Assembly
• Went to Rizal Park – Chinese Garden
• Rode a bus with a free wifi access
• Ate Chips Ahoy chunky and real chocolatey cookies!
• Ate MCDO’s twister fries
• Controlled myself on surfing the net
• Arranged and Organized my files, documents, and books
• Clean the house
• Budget Manager of the house while my dad was not around for a week
• Enjoyed meeting a new friend
• Bonding with my friends happily
• Movie Marathon
• Finished my worksheet on Myocardial Infarction
And that’s all, thank you! 😉

Hoping to have a more efficient and productive ways to improve.
Positivity 100%

Goodnight! Sweet dreams, friends!