Very well spent day!
Thank you Father, Lord God! And Sacred Heart of Jesus! 😉

My day was full of learning, blessings and inspirations!
I don’t know how to fuel my night to start studying for my exam tomorrow because I am overwhelm of today’s impact-ness! ;)) haha!

In the morning, I woke up late again but I arrived earlier than 8am at school. So, I’m not late! Thank you God for still waking me up, giving me energy to move faster, waking up my brother and he does not hesitate to drive me off going to the train station, shorter lines on bag inspection, faster train, and quite a good job on our reporting on Intravenous therapy. Thank you Lord! Refreshed our knowledge about IVT, hope to memorize by heart every bits of knowledge given and highlighted by our clinical instructor, Ma’am Nastor! 😉 Thank you Ma’am for uplifting us towards nursing by your said experiences and thoughts! 🙂

In the afternoon, Blessings overload! Thank you Lord! For giving us a safe and calm trip going to Child Haus for our RLE duty (with P30 each for contribution on paying the taxi cab meter), eating veggie lunch, happy buddies, 3-4 hours waiting that is worth-it, celebrating thanksgiving mass with the kids, Ricky Reyes and other sponsors, eating a free snack that includes shanghai, pansit, pork bbq, pandesal and a free bottled juice drink, receiving an oreo biscuits for free, able to see Mother Ricky Reyes and how she and her friends help sponsored and nurtured the kids with cancer, seeing and hearing the kids, putting a smile on the face of the kids, the evaluation of our clinical instructor that had touched my heart and soul toward our duty, and a safe trip going home. Thank you God! 🙂

Tonight, Unproductive due to environmental distractions. I should not relax and surf the net but again, I did, instead of studying on Chron’s Disease and NCM 107 exam. Sorry, I’ll study later! 🙂 focus, focus!

Happy for those who already passed the June 2012 board exam! Hello registered nurses! 🙂 A big congratulations for all of you, Pinay and Pinoy Nars! ;)) sooon to be one of them on 2013! cheeers!!!! 🙂

Gonna prepare later, will go to airport to fetch our dad who went to Cebu and spent his mother’s birthday there with his siblings. Shower later! 🙂

Goodnight! I am inspired to study and to give my all with this profession, Nursing! So, help me Father God 🙂 I trust and love you to infinity! <;3 thank you very much!

Sleep well, dear!