It was strange that people keeps on asking what I am doing, I don’t wanna think that you are competing with me by doing that. My friend, I just want to compete with myself, nothing more. Don’t bother to ask me, I will not compete with you, no matter what. Honestly, I really want to turn-off or put away my cellphone because its a major, major distraction device that was given to me that I hate how I cannot control myself. Sigh.
In one, two, three. I will disciplined myself regarding my internet usage, badly need it.

Gonna start reading the handbook of pathophysiology! Help me, Ma’am Elizabeth Corwin that I can really understand and give my heart in loving this profession of mine. Hihihi! 🙂
I feel some lovely connection in your 2nd edition book, if you just wanted to know. 🙂

Studying for my parents, for bringing back God’s glory, for my future patients and for myself. Aja! Orals! I will pass! I claim it! 🙂

Today, I was able to register to get a voter’s ID that I can claim next year. Thanks dad for accompanying me and buying crinkles for me! I have a new umbrella! Hoping that I can take care of it. Teehee 🙂

It’s raining!
Take care everyone!