Ola September! 😉
Failed to post yesterday which is the 1st day of the month, but it’s really better than a late warm welcome for this month than never-ever! 😉

How are you? So far… So good?! 😉

What about me, feeling good tonight!
Days to go, it’s mama Mary’s birthday.
Next month, it’s my 20th birthday.
Next,next month, it’s my parent’s birthday.
Next,next,next month, it’s baby Jesus birthday!
-Ber months = blast of special celebrations! Woohoo!

Don’t you ever have that nerve to frown, because Christmas is about to come! 🙂

Be full of positivity and productivity to make your wait a worthwhile 😉

Yesterday, job well done for our group because we had finished discussing Respiratory problems such as COPD, TB and Pneumonia, And Communicable diseases such as Leptospirosis and Rabies. Today, I was about to review again all the cases most especially Diabetes Mellitus because of our worksheet. I’ve took up already our prep-u quizzes, and I really hope I do pass! The quizzes were tricky, but I will pass! 🙂 tonight, I’m going to organize my stuffs for ORALS and I will continue to review again! Thank you God for today! Spent my day at home, grocery and at church peacefully and blissfully!
Tomorrow, it’s our start of our CHN duty for three weeks! Before, our site was at Antipolo but now, it’s near our school already at Quezon City. I miss Antipolo community days, the nice people and experiences I miss! 🙂 so, we need to adapt again to our new site, new family, new experiences and memories to make! 🙂

Needs to focus now, ORALS, I can conquer! 🙂 Thank you Lord!

Goodnight loves!