Today, a lot of ups and downs.
• Early at school.
• Happy with friends.
• Awkwardness to my old friend that I miss deeply.
• Got a tool appropriate to our chn activity.
• First time at GMA, Eat Bulaga show at Gilmore, Broadway. We were not able to go inside, but CD and I were captured and showed worldwide for a significant second of our life. Fun experience though.
• Had a short and vital nap at the library.
• Got my grade for Disaster Nursing concept, and I failed that concept. It’s really heartbreaking but I knew it was really my fault of not putting an extra effort and focus on studying this concept. I regret for not studying well, I felt sad, but there’s nothing to do anymore. The grade was already final. I must and I must do better 100% for our final exam! I must!
• To uplift my mood, together with my friends, we ate snacks at Mcdo. I ate spaghetti, sundae hot fudge and regular fries.
• Rode a jeep instead of FX with an overly charge for the fare.
• Safe and a bit early way home 🙂

Thank you God for this day still! Though I felt really bad on my grade, I’m very touched with your love for me. You woke me up again and risen me up instead of depressing myself the whole night. You had cleared my mind by optimism and perseverance, fueled my heart by faith and passion, and emptied away my loneliness. Thank you po 🙂

I will hold on, stronger my faith, persevere more, give my all! Nothings is impossible, always possible it is! 🙂 I’ll study again for our ORALS and review for our NCM 107 exam. Aja!

God bless and have good night people! 🙂