So what’s up? 🙂

Cramming and chilling at the same time is quite confusing and challenging. On what area? Many to mention, as I must say. Me, for the past week was crazy, without having a chitchat invisible lover like you, was just like I would sent myself in the mental institute right now. Seriously, just joking around right here. Oh’ come on, I miss blogging, indeed! This is where my endless thoughts and feelings would ramble in, specifically speaking, my quarts of passion on writing it up. Though it’s quite random and waste my blog posts were to other people, still, I appreciate deeply for those spirits with a widely spread of enthusiasm hearing a voice inside me that I can also shake up your world at a certain point of time. I will hit you through my words, softly and tendering. Willing to wait? Yes, Infinite patience, because of my demanding schedule that I must focus and give my all on my upcoming oral exam, quizzes and etc, everything is major, major essential to my profession, and to my learning progress in living.

I am happy for the past week, nothing to worry. Kept on reading and studying for Orals. Thank you God for moving our orals next week! You already knew that I am not ready physically and mentally, Thank you po 🙂 I must focus and give my 100% love in everything I learn. I can do this! I will pass our Orals, just like passing on the previous Orals that I had before. My Father God will never fail to guide and support me all throughout this journey. I claim it, and I am grateful everyday! 🙂
Thanks again, my Father God. I love you po 🙂

Goodnight! sleep well friends! :>;