Just another late post fr September 🙂 09.21.12

Essay – Reflection – By Me

Underneath a silhouette of homes near the river, hundreds of families were surely there striving for a manly living. Various devastation may they encounter, their strong faith and determination in surviving on their daily lives with a genuine smile painted on their faces had captured my heart humbly. While I was walking inside a tunnel-looking path going to the families for home visits and information campaign, I have seen and knew how risky the families were living beside the river. Whether their living condition was highly hazardous in cases such as floods, earthquakes, and fires, they were still immensely ignoring those dangers. The most significant need for them was just merely meeting their basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter on an everyday living. And, when I witnessed how they still normally and happily go on in doing their household chores and personal lives though with these hazards and financial incapability, they can cope and act like everything will be alright again. Due to their subtle positivity and friendly attitude towards life and approach to us, student nurses, I admired them. Appreciating more how God blessed my pleasant living condition now, made me more motivated to educate the community in Kapiligan, Area 81.

First week, I had learned how to be well-equipped in knowledge on helping my group on accomplishing our action plan towards the disaster preparedness of the community during flood and earthquake; following accordingly our activities throughout of day 1-4; started on establishing rapports to the purok leader and the community; preparing visual aids and leaflets, and inviting the community for our upcoming information campaign next week. Second week, our implementation phase, I am happy for the result of my group that we have met beyond our 75% target population regarding our information campaign. I and my dyad partner, Pau, was able to go to nine families for the dissemination of information, almost 6 out of 9 families were able to identify and prepare the necessary things included in a survival kit during flood or earthquake, and due to their previous experiences such as the southwest monsoon “Habagat”, they were now ready and alert. While 3 out of 9 families had panic during the sudden rise of river, we were able to educate them on what they need to prepare, importance of being informed on the news, knowing where to evacuate and having role assignments per family. On Wednesday, I was assigned to report on factors affecting the occurrence of earthquake, though my report was short, I knew I was able to impart additional knowledge to the community. Seeing and hearing the responses of the people during our campaign were very heart-melting. Third week, our evaluation phase, we were able to continue providing free service of getting their blood pressure, and giving health education; and we evaluate the community’s knowledge and preparedness by strategizing games which were full of fun and learning. All of us enjoyed the game because of the community’s magnificent energy and enthusiasm to cooperate with us, so in return, we gave those winners in the games our mini-survival bag. Nothing really beats how the community rewards us, essential experience and pure happiness.

I am grateful to be part of this related learning experience in the community, Doña Imelda – Area81, Kapiligan. Though I slightly miss the ambience, our families, and memories at Antipolo before, still, there’s a significant good purpose to reach out and to extend our hands to the community near our school. The teamwork of our group, D16, made all the possible ways truly successful, despite of the imperfections behind.