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Geriatric Nursing

IV-D   — Journal Diary – By Me

Day 1: September 26, 2012

First day of my related learning experience on Geriatric Nursing at Kanlungan ni Maria, was inexplicably good. Memories had flashed back on my mind during our last duty at Hospicio de San Jose before, when I saw the Lolas and Lolos living there simply and peacefully. With a heart-welcoming smile, they were greeting us back when we entered the facility. I established rapport and introduced myself to different Lolas and Lolos there. I almost knew their names with a census of 20; 14 females and 6 males. Our clinical instructor, Ma’am Peñalba facilitated us genuinely during our duty, we had our pre-conference for the tasks we must do and also, for the requirements that we must pass to her. After our pre-conference, we had our short pre-conference for our group for the patient’s assignments, division of tasks, and plan of activities. I was assigned to Nanay V, I saw her sleeping after breakfast, and then I gave her time to rest for a while. I talked and entertained other Lolas while waiting for Nanay V to wake up. When she woke up, we were able to talk smoothly, and hearing her stories of her life was indeed inspiring. Knowing some of her life’s background, I admired her loyalty and dedication. I am happy to take care of her because she was kind, thoughtful and respectful that she always responds to me with “opo and po”. When I saw that she seems sleepy, I asked her how her sleep is last night, she said that it’s not good because she can’t sleep continuously, and verbalized difficulty of sleeping. She also has cough and colds but it’s subsiding already. I offered her for a short walks outside, but she didn’t want to, and then I offered her a massage, then she agreed with me. I instructed her to call my attention immediately if she feels any discomfort or pain during massage. I applied powder on her back and started the massage while she was in a sitting position. Afterwards, I’ve asked her how she feels, then she said “mabuti po, maraming salamat po”. I’m thankful for offering a simple massage to Nanay V. Then at around 10, she ate snack and after, we played bingo until 11. I took her vital signs in the morning after breakfast and before lunch; the results were within normal limits except for her blood pressure which was 130/70. I also had the chance to get her systolic blood pressure at her lower extremities, hearing the dorsalis pedis pulse on her feet with the use of a device was a cool thing. Finally, we had our post-conference then after I went home tired but happy.

Day 2: September 27, 2012

What we had done yesterday was the continuation of our day 2. We assisted during and after breakfast to the Lolas and Lolos. After breakfast, I ask Nanay V for a short walk outside with me and she said it was okay. I asked for permission first to Sir and to our leader before we went outside. I am thankful that Nanay V had a good sleep last night; she was thanking me for the simple massage that I offered her. She seemed relaxed and pleasant this morning. So we walked down to the chapel and up to Rambutan st. then went back to Lansones st. Nanay V was active and has a high energy for quite a long walk. We prayed at the chapel and continued sharing stories to each other. We rested at the house, and then we played again with the other Lolas. She was cooperative and has a consistent good energy this morning. Before lunch, I took her vital signs, and all of the results were within normal range. After our post-conference with Ma’am Peñalba, I went home gratefully.

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