October bliss has started already! 🙂

23 days to go before my life’s anniversary, and I will turn 20 soon. I am starting to have plans at the back of my mind on how to celebrate it but I am still confused about it. Today, we had our simple family bonding at SM Marikina, and finally, I was able to order a new eyeglasses. It took me so much time on deciding what frame and prescription shall I use. I must be good on deciding on my own this time, but what have I done earlier at the store, I am confused. Thanks for the help of my sister and the to the ophthalmologist there who’ve helped me to choose. I am gaining weight more than I needed and it’s quite alarming. Haha! I need to donate blood as soon as possible, and must have an exercise routine every week. Hence, exams week are coming, so, I need to prepare for it! Thank you God for everything that you have done for me and for all your creations. Let me glorify and praise you until the end of time strongly. Love you My Father, Lord Jesus! ❤ 🙂


Goodnight and God bless!