Geriatric Nursing

Journal Diary (Oct. 1-3, 2012) – By Me

Week 2 – Day 1, October 1, 2012

Our life at unexpected time will come to an end justly. When we arrived at Kanlungan ni Maria today, suddenly a news shocked us that Nanay L passed away already around 3 o’clock in the morning. Saddened by the news, after the rain finally subsided and the wet road started to dry, Nanay V and I walked going to the chapel after I got her vital signs that is within normal. We offered Nanay L our sincere prayers for her and then we head back to our home. Just the usual day, we rested after walking, and then played snakes and ladders which Nanay V was always the winner of the game. After, she ate her snack and then we proceed to play bingo with the other grandmothers and grandfathers. We always won, that’s why I am happy to see Nanay V’s smiling face and grateful attitude towards it, and all of the times that I spend with her and to others it makes my heart melt in every bit. Since we have no clinical instructor that assisted us today, we just proceed to our usual routines and activities for them, until we leave the area at 12.


Week 2 – Day 2, October 2, 2012

Early morning we greeted everyone with courteous gestures. We met our clinical instructor for the week, Ma’am Tipon, we had our short pre-conference for the activities and requirements to pass. After, I went to Nanay V and asked her how was she, and she said she was alright and full. When the weather was good outside, I assisted Nanay V for a walk outside and we also attended the mass for Nanay L. Then, after the mass, we went back home, I offered her water and provided opportunity for her to rest. She regained her energy, so we played again, snakes and ladders, and bingo. I’m happy that she enjoyed playing with me. When I took her vital signs before lunch time, all were normal except for her blood pressure which was 150/80 mmHg, so, I waited for at least 15 minutes to get again her BP, and it was 130/80 mmHg. I encouraged her to rest, to cool down and calm at her bed. Before we went home, we had our post-conference with Ma’am Tipon. I am looking forward for the next days to come with them that maybe this attachment that I had, may be difficult to break.


Week 2 – Day 3, October 3, 2012

Today, it rained hard so we stayed safely at home, watching a movie of Comedy King, Dolphy, entitled “Haw Haw de Carabao”, which I brought. There were a lot of people at home because of the Arellano and San Juan De Letran students plus us. We’re just fully loaded at home that even though the weather was gloomy, people were still energetic.  After the movie, it was my first time to see the process of anointing of the sick at home because usually, I see it during our hospital duty. We played bingo after, and we won again twice. I took her vital signs and it was within normal range. Both of us enjoyed the company of each other, I am thankful to Nanay V for her unfading kindness and politeness towards me and to others. Although, the rainy weather triggered her to sleep more instead of participating on the activities, and still, she never fails to attend and cooperate with us. I admired the positivity and enthusiasm instilled to Nanay V, it made me more motivated to care and love everything that I do like it’s worth-it.