Out of nowhere, I’ve been dreaming on random people and random events, the least that I expected to have. Years passed, there were few and rare dreams I had. Then recently, I’ve been dreaming consistently and it gets weirder and weirder every night. People that I knew and some weren’t  I don’t know if this was caused by over thinking a lot at night, but I hope it’s not. There’s a research study that was told by my professor, it was during night time that most people suddenly dies because of worrying, remembering a depressing events, regretting, and missing something whether it’s back on their past life, present or future. The moment you can’t fight and handle it, possibly, it may steal your life as instant as a rain drops to the ground. I would agree with this, indeed. Some people may interpret night time positively and happily, while some may have feelings of unworthiness, and sufferings to face on every night.

Sleeping has been my weakness ever since, next to foods. I am quite conscious now on my body size and weight towards eating and sleeping immensely. Actually, I must not worry a lot because my BMI is still within normal or as ideal as it should be. Hence, maybe because at my age, concerning on my body image, might as well, still, an acceptable and appropriate behavior.  It’s so hot today that I can’t even dare to move from my position.


Since I started having this rambling and sharing for today, I will start to post briefly on what’s in my mind lately, today, yesterday, past week, or in the future etc. Let me?






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A nurse with immense dreams and strong faith. Deals with everything about life. Moves towards God's graciousness. I love writing, drawing, listening to music, storytelling, traveling, watching k-dramas/netflix, reading books, dancing, teaching kids, and so many more!! ✌

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