Since, our connection went so immensely crappy last week ago, I would say that I really missed you, blogosphere! 😉 I am thankful for your comeback, hoho WiFi in ze house again!
Ooh, yeah! How are you by the way?
One final exam on geriatric nursing to go, and I’m totally free from our first semester! Even though I have an exam on Wednesday, I still chill all day like a boss. I am planning to review all day tomorrow, no need to worry, I know I can carry it on! Thanks for the uncertain positivity flowing! Teehee. I was excitedly thrilled on how will I spend my short semestral break, I would love to be fruitful all day! Here are my plans for this break:
1.) Study and review Anatomy and Physiology. Different Systems a day would really do and help a lot.
2.) Study and review Fluids and Electrolytes, too. And, I should start to make my memory enhancer wall by those old calendars I have. Laws, Lab results and etc.
3.) Every night before I sleep, I must review my notes during our ACE classes.
4.) I must a lot at least 1 hour a day to exercise, either jog or aerobics will do! I need to lose some weight. Being health conscious right here, I know. 🙂
5.) I must read at least 3 novel books. One down already on Can you Keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsella. I wonder what’s next on the list.
6.) I must lessen my internet usage badly in order to accomplish my plans accordingly and smoothly.
7.) Balancing and Time management are my keys. Plus, perseverance and passion!

Aja for me! Cheers for my success in advance! 🙂

Pleasant evening to all!