I was very anxious about my NCM107 subject that night, when I was studying Geriatric Nursing elective notes. I texted my friends, then I was relieved after receiving encouraging texts. I am forcing myself to have a positive attitude instead of worrying. I felt at ease and continue praying and hoping to pass. And then the advising day came, while waiting for my name to be called in front by our class president, I was very worried, holding my rosary and really praying hard for my name to be heard, but heartbreakingly, my name was not called. I was very shocked that when I ask our batch president about my clearance, she said I got a problem in NCM107 subject and I was asked to come to school tomorrow to talk to our batch adviser. I am sad, disappointed and devastated. But, I still plan to divert my attention as long as I could because my problem was not so big compare to others and I don’t want this negative thoughts to continue. I cried many times, I bravely shared it to my dad and sister. I celebrated mass at OLA, early in the morning that I cried again during mass and while praying. Instead of overthinking, I am studying on Anatomy and Physiology of the heart. I don’t want to think negative again, I want to be at peace. I do really hope that our adviser pass us, please. We want to pass. I know that I have a fault on why is this happening to me. Lord, I humbly implore this petition sincerely in my heart, let me pass in NCM107 tomorrow. Guide my adviser to have mercy on us and give us another chance. Strengthen my faith, oh Lord, to trust your plans for me. I know Father God, you will never fail me, I know you will show and bring miracle to my life again. Lord, let me pass NCM107 A subject tomorrow. I trust in you and I love you. Thank you po. 😉

I will enroll my second and last semester for my senior year on Tuesday. *fingers crossed 😉