221 ~ God’s greatness!

Exploding, extreme and true happiness I have right now! I am so blessed again and always, that you showed me Father God how immensely great you are in my life! You knew my one desire and you gave not what I want yet all that I need. I’ve trusted you 100%, though I got really anxious and scared, you still brought miracle to me. Thank you my Father, thank you, thank you, and more hundredths of thank you God, Papa Jesus, Mama Mary, St. Jude Thaddeus, St. Clare, and all the saints and angels! Through my humble and grateful heart, thank you for everything!

These were my adviser’s words that really made my heart and eyes shut down..
“You are more than just numbers.”
“I believe in your abilities, I know you will pass”
“Not everybody was given a second chance but You deserve a second chance.”

Thanks to you Ma’am Uayan for believing and understanding us more than I expected. Thank you po! ;D

I can now enroll tomorrow or on Wednesday for my last semester in school year 2012-2013!
Bye, bye! First sem! Hello, Second sem! ;D
I cannot promise to do my best in everything, yet I will give my all!!!!
Unending burst of enthusiasm and perseverance for me to reach my goals, to pass my subjects and to aim for excellence! ;D

Thank you for this day, I must truly remember and never forget this day in my life, ever! My wake-up-call, I fail but I came to succeed! I love you po ;>

Thanks for all my family and friends’ support and prayers for me! ;))

“I came to win, to fight, to conquer and rise, to flyyyy highhhh!”

Teeeeheee >;D<