There are a lot of good things in life, yet, feelings of some unfairness is arising and popping, that is not quite easy to divert. Whether events may not be patterned smoothly on what you want, it’s not healthy to compare and be miserable towards it. Instead of dwelling on those crashing and depressing momentum, believe in yourself that you can conquer, more than stronger now to face it, and mature enough to handle. Overcome any unworthiness, envy, fears, worries, doubts and impurities that you may have. God knows, you can do it. So, just do it. Surpass.
You are not alone, and don’t isolate yourself. Learn the ups and downs, that is indeed, vital part of growing up. You may feel terrible in just one snap, but choose to recognize that feeling and move on afterwards.

I gotta be 100% sure in my actions from now, I will completely detach from my Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram tomorrow until December 24, 2012. The only exemption would be for checking important updates about school stuffs. And, that’s it! 😉 I will still continue to blog during my free time here to help me release any tensions of positivity or negativity I may have. Thank you God! I am officially enrolled for the last semester for this last school year! Self-efficacy motto on 😉

Break a leg for me and for you! 😀

Happy Halloween! Awoooh! Awooh!