Hoping I could successfully and happily balanced everything for this last semester in my last school year, ever. Faith, Studies, Health, and Social Relationships. 8 hours of serious study and review time, 8 hours of fun bonding and exercise, and 8 hours of good sleep. I will pray, so the universe can help me too, to achieve this, balance.

First day of school tomorrow! Making it sure that I will not be late for the 7am flag ceremony. I need to keep on reminding myself that I need to be strong, independent, patient, understanding, helpful, and happy! Just being the truest me. Whatever people might say against me, it shall not be a big deal. As long as I know that I’m not causing any harm or any wrong doings, I don’t have to be too sensitive, instead Chin up, and smile! Keep on moving forward. 🙂

Just sharing,
After mass, I saw a kid crying on the street because he wanted a balloon but his mom can’t afford it yet, so I unhesitantly offered money to her to buy a balloon for his son. Then, he stopped crying, and it made me happy on helping the kid, just like what’s the homily for this Sunday Mass. 😉 thank you Father God! I love you 24/7!