Good morning! 😉
I have a confession to make, I opened my Facebook yesterday night just to check if the photos that I uploaded were complete and if there’s important announcements and notifications. Just it. No stalking, liking, commenting and etc. on others’ post. I gotta read today, finished the heart anatomy and physiology.
Oh, I just share that I felt beautiful yesterday because of our makeup tutorial. I put makeup to Cd, and she puts on mine. I find it hard to put on eyeshadows, eyeliner, eyebrow and mascara to others, and even to myself, seriously. Hehe, But we survived! 🙂

Thank you Father God! 😉 I love you 24/7! Even if there’s a person that makes me really uneasy when she’s around, you knew in my heart how much I wanted for us to be naturally true and okay, but still we’re not. Time and fate, we’ll be okay soon. I trust Him. 😀

Have a nice day to all! Wear your precious smile! 😉