It’s so great that I got my menstruation back again. When I woke up from a nap, and I was about to take a bath, then, while I am brushing my teeth, I thought I urinated a little in my undies, but I am hoping that time, it was a gush of blood. And it was blood! 😉 hehe! I knew that I just posted my problem about my menstruation yesterday, and God answered my problem instantly. Thank you Father God! I really need to track down my red alert days starting today. I hope, I’m regular every month.
My sister and I will go to Sports Complex later. I will jog, and my sister will join the aerobics group. Even though, it’s my first bloody day, I will try to jog for 5-6 rounds in the oval. Hehe! Go,go,go for me! 😉 gonna sweat and burn calories! 😉

Good evening!