Aiming, and then, expecting high was not bad at all, believing and trusting Him had totally saved me. Thank you Father God! I am so eager to see my grades online, when I supposed to see it on our grade card in the registrar’s office. I prayed first, then I chose to click my student grades, then, scroll down. Woooh! Thank you po, thank you, thank you Father God! I know I’m still under our school’s scholarship program! Thank you and I love you po 🙂

Lesson learned: Never miss any chance, a day without studying and learning, and loving nursing in every bit. Now is my second chance, to achieve my goals! I must not give up easily, I must trust Him more.

Thanks to my grandmother’s all-time piece of advice to us, “Always call on to God, whatever you do, wherever you go, and whoever you meet, etc, call Him and pray.” 🙂
Happy 82th Birthday Lola Belen! 😉 I love you, *Lola’s girl!
Happy 55th Birthday Mama and tita! 😉

Grateful day, indeed!
True happiness! 😀

Goodnight, sweet dreams! ;*