Abstaining abruptly was not a good idea for me on those social sites that I’m once addicted to. However, the semi-detachment deal, effectively works about 50%, I guessed. So, my decision is quite sudden again, I am going back on these sites, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, not as an absolute, active-user, but a quick and smart-user instead! A more self-disciplinary approach. Prioritize and manage my study time proficiently and competently for fruitful outcomes. I would want to put away myself for being deprived, because that’s not really occurring. Yet, my deal made me focused and clear-minded, and that’s pretty awesome.

We should not let these sites or technology destroy us. We must have “Discipline and Control”. I must work on these part, very well!

My wake-up call impact last October 29th, was very immensely helpful. Hehe!


Gonna prepare myself and study well for our very 1st quiz in CHEERS Training, that will be credited as our long exam in NCM107B subject. There’s no room for me to fail, to be lazy, to be overconfident, and to be late, not only in this subject matter, but to all! Graduation is near approaching, and let me conquer and pass everything on time, with you God, it’s purely possible!!! I trust in you! Thank you po

*this post was supposedly posted yesterday. And it did, but, when I refreshed my site, it’s gone. Sigh. What happened. So, I just adjusted the published date. Weirdooo.