Wednesday evening, rain pouring, music playing, and silence endearing the four-cornered space. Could have been great to sleep, and just forget what happened today and all the past. Resting as if, it’s been too long, to chill again. Enduring the fact of belongingness, each and every day, became a strange challenge. Controlling patience, anger, negativity and temptations.

Random day.
Thank you, Father God! I passed the quiz/long exam earlier! Got 3 mistakes. Hoho! Truly thankful! And I’m glad for our batch mate that she was only the one who got a perfect score! Winner! 😉
That awesome feeling! 🙂 hohoho. Missing that same thing. ;p alright, need to study again for tomorrow’s CPR return demo! Woohoo! I hope my nerves will cool at its best, to focus, be alert, and be an effective real rescuer at the moment. Haha! Need to embrace my chance, my moment, because for us nurses, “we save lives”.

God bless for all of us tomorrow! Last day of C.H.E.E.R.S. 🙂