Answered prayers, multiplies my simple joys! Thank you, Father God! For this day, free keychain from our batch adviser and good vibes by Ma’am Uayan, went to school early, signed on the number one spot in our group at our logbook, not so stressful day, good food, especially Sandra’s banana cake, and early dismissal! And etc. 😉
There were a lot of things to be grateful and happy today than being sad and dismayed in the whole time.
Whatever negativity I have now, it’s nothing to deal with it so big, because I must divert my attention, and I shall study for different nursing skills! Hello duty for tomorrow and Wednesday! 😀 I know God will help me to complete and to learn skills in our 11-3 duty shift for two days! I trust Him, I will be able to join the staff nursing, team nursing, and all! Hehe! Give me strength, O’ Lord. I can do thissss! 😉

Positivity, Perseverance, and Faith!

Good evening!