Last day of 2-0-1-2, it is! So, what are you planning to do? 🙂

Answering my basic question, I did cleaning chores in our house, since our helper was off for holidays. And, I’m about to blog anything under the sun today in order to complete my goal of having 300 blog posts, at least. My original plan before is to blog everyday with a total of 366 posts and above. Unluckily, all of my plans on my checklist note were unfinished. Yet, I’m not looking down and giving up easily because of those, I know there’s a lot of years that I could accomplish those things, above all, I don’t need to rush. I just wanted to be more goal-oriented, really as in 100%. Admitting that this year, I almost said that I must have a goal-oriented attitude many times in my blog, and yet I slightly failed to do it a hundred percent. That’s why, I’m gonna accept again the challenge of having a goal-oriented attitude, most especially in my upcoming nursing licensure exam in July 2013. I shall bear this in my heart, mind, and soul, I will top the NLE in July 2013. It is a big dream, big challenge and big goal that I will achieve. For God’s greater glory, I can do it! There will be a lot of sacrifices and obstacles, but with God, all things are possible. I can conquer! 🙂

Maximizing all my chilling days for this year was quite relaxing. Facebook-ing, tweeting, Instagram-ing and other social networks usage without limits and other leisure activities shall be reduced for next year. Really, I will discipline myself, because I need to be serious in achieving my dream for 2013.

A cum laude slot, had gone in my hands before, and now, I will not let this immense opportunity of topping the NLE in July 2013, just go dramatically. I know it’s not just the title and money that matters to me, most importantly what really matter is, giving my unending gratefulness award to my parents and to God, our Father. ❤

Help me, my Father all throughout.
Be my strength and light.
I love you.
I will show and tell to the world, how great you are in my life! 🙂

Thank you Lord God! 🙂

God bless!