No one can control the events that will happen everyday in one’s life. Sometimes, you can experience good and bad luck. Whatever it could be, you must always have the attitude to be flexible and optimistic. Whether life throws you a bad memory this year, try to stand up, and learn to forgive.
I am a good person, but eventually, I cannot really please people everyday. People got mad and irritated to me. People created wrong stories and kept a secret and lies on my back. I did experience these things, only this year. I was very sad and down, and cried hard even more. I don’t know who to trust and to rely on. The drama and hatred goes on, almost everyday I pretended to be perfectly fine to everybody. Deep within me, I would always wanted and prayed things to be back the way it should be, to be completely fixed.
People are really people. People can trust and betray. People can act or pretend. And, People can always forgive. Before this year ends, I am still glad and thankful for all those people that I’ve met, we are all the same, imperfect. I forgave them because after all, they are the ones who made me more stronger for this coming year! 🙂