Couldn’t even write something because of doing nothing extraordinary. Just as one thing, the medical mission experience. Seeing people with not enough economic expenses on their health, is soul-breaking. However, when there’s medical assistance for free, grabbing that chance to be check-up and get medicine even without being ill, requires a choice of a lifetime. Excessive demand over supply, always happen. First 150 client must be entertain, but then there were 210 came, it was rude not to take care of them all. Yes, it was tiring, yet it was a fulfilling service. The lives that have touched you and you have touched, brings you a true essence of service. Even though they may not remember you or even see you again, the moment you talked to them to get their chief complaint and health history, and touched them to obtain their vital signs, had already brought them a good relief that someone wants to care for them with respect and dignity. Having some self-reflection and realizations that time, was useful. Putting yourself on their shoes, just as empathy, you will also strive to be cared and loved even in that moment.

Health is our treasured wealth. Take care of it to the highest extreme of your life. Maintain a homeostatic lifestyle. Battle every evil craving and disease. Prioritize your own health over earthly -material possessions. Choose to think and act healthy in all aspect. Start to take care of others as you take care for yourself.

We, as nurses, we care. ♥