You know that glorious feeling when you just attended into something and you suddenly got a very good news from it. Unexpected blessings kept on coming. My heart just jumped for joy. Grateful, indeed! New rotation, new staff, new experiences. Everything will not be as easy as pie at the first place, I know. But, eventually, I can conquer all things through Him. I know He’s been always there to guide and lead me to His brighter plans for my life. I believe. 🙂

My hopes are still high that I can be a real staff nurse before 2013 ends. It is possible through Him. I must work hard to prepare myself on this rough journey. All the concepts and principles that I really must know by heart, mind, and soul daily. So far, so good. Having some little mistakes mostly on documentation part. Thank God, it’s not on medication and procedure anymore. Golden rules, remember it every bit. :’)