Reading the scriptures everyday, does feel good. But, it does make sense even more to make me feel and feed better, when I sincerely push deeply to understand it. Thought-stopper and reality-biting reading on how you handle the scriptures as baby food, just bland as it taste like. It is true, that the fact we change in transition on how the consistency of food we eat, it does satisfies us even more. The more muscles and senses we use to eat, the more fulfilling and yummier the meal is.
That’s why, I am guilty. Guilty of not moving on, getting ahead, and stepping forward on my daily understanding for wisdom and knowledge to know Jesus, and our God, as a real solid food into my spiritual being. I am inadequate, I am weak, I am easily get discouraged at some point, but He knew everyday how to strengthen me, encouraged me, and blessed me with His sufficient grace.

Thank you, Father, for always allowing me to read an reflect everyday. And, for always healing and restoring my faith, unfailingly. ❤