December 1st!
What a lovely feeling every start of the month, right? It feels really good! Oh yeah! Haha! Hyper woman over here, blogging some random things before I knock off my sheets.

There’s no room for fear from this season of love, love, love!

Tell someone how you really feel.
Share something you didn’t give before.
Have someone to accompany you on an adventure trip, whatever.
Donate blood before this year ends.
Bond with your family and friends as often as possible.
Volunteer yourself to help either small or big events, etc.
Learn more and be a geek about it.
Read more books.
Squeeze every creative juices in your mind.
Dance for a cause and enjoy everything.
Shoot and share beautiful things on earth.
Love yourself even more.

Remember, you are not here for nothing. Live in this moment and conquer yourself from any backlash of fear and negativity.