Reminiscing memories at the moment. How I prepare for our management subject when I was a student nurse, just trying to act as a staff nurse. And now, I’m really an inch closer to be employed as a staff nurse on a secondary-private hospital near my place before this year ends. Time has no limit on how to run so fast. I am almost already there, and I am truly grateful. December Nursing Board Exam for future Philippine Nurses just ended yesterday, praying for the best results for all those who took it, most especially to my dearest friend, Janet, Berna, Anes, and my batchmates. Shall I say, “been there, done that”.. This moments. This feeling. It is really eaRNed not given. I have a little regret on myself right now for not posting my real review experience to pass the nursing board before this recent exam. Not to brag or anything, I’m just blessed to see my name on the successful list of new nurses last June 2013, NVM the rating. I am ready to share and open up this one, because I believe on “better late than never at all”. Maybe, I can help someone to start on preparing now, just as I did. Someone who is also like me that is fond of reading blogs or articles to help them out. Because I did found someone who motivated me after I read her article/blog. :’)

Let’s start! EXAMPREPARATION101•
1. Be a keen researcher.
I researched on world wide web. Just type and type whatever is on your mind, little geek.
– How can I improve my study habits
– How can I ace an exam
– Study tips
– Board topnotcher’s stories and tips
– Useful review guide
– Youtube videos of Board topnotcher’s stories of success
– Reviewing tips
– Memory enhancer
– Food for the brain
– Music to improve studying
* Research and read no limits! 🙂

2. Find a perfect spot at your house.
I decided to turn our stock room into my study room. I cleaned it and arranged everything. I acknowledged my dad for helping me before.
* NO DISTRACTIONS allowed, with good lighting and ventilation.
* 100% Focus – review and study smart.

3. Claim it already that I will top the exam.
I wrote my name with RN and posted this in front of my study table and above the head part of my bed, just to remind of myself that I can do it. Plus, I also put bible scriptures and my clinical picture with it.
* Philippians 4:13
* Isaiah 41:10
2 Powerful motivator, indeed!

4. Practice answering questions and review the rationale. Practice all the skills you need when answering a question and situation.

5. Have a review notebook.
Write all the information you wanted to focus on and feels like important to study on.

6. Remind yourself that you must allot time either short or long to review daily.

7. Write on poster/cards all the important cues you want to memorize by heart. Put them on your room walls/ceiling.
* Studying while having a munch on your favorite cake.

8. Read all the concepts you must review. I am not successful to try the famous “cover to cover” review style on all my books, but I did once.. I tried hard to finish it, and in the end, I think I didn’t absorb everything I read at all.
* Review different topics in one day.

9. Record audio notes and play it instead of your favorite playlist.
I admit that I sleep during review classes. This recording stuff will really help you to understand the concepts once fully awake. Haha! 🙂

10. Good food. Good sleep. Instrumental music. Good social relationship and entertainment.
* Take a break.

+ Pray and have faith.
I will not mention every spiritual acts that I did before. I know, we all have unique personal relationship with our God.
* Just believe that God will help you to achieve it.

Glad that I could help someone with this blog sharing entry of mine ❤


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A nurse with immense dreams and strong faith. Deals with everything about life. Moves towards God's graciousness. I love writing, drawing, listening to music, storytelling, traveling, watching k-dramas/netflix, reading books, dancing, teaching kids, and so many more!! ✌

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