Everything seems to be difficult at first. Questioning self about all the whys in your head. Battling very hard on decision-making. Oh well, too much for overthinking, self. Realizing every beginning step towards your dream, is a major, major tough process. Don’t know what to do and how to start, but faith still butts in. Encouraging and reminding my dearest self, that I will on keep moving forward. No matter how challenging my path will be. I acknowledge that I have my own weaknesses. I must handle every criticism into a good one. Help me to restart back again on my eagerness to improve and learn. To kick away laziness in my system. To swipe off any pessimistic thought, verdict, and intention. I am with God to achieve fruitful victory that He prepared for me.

We never give up :’)

(Cheers! Survived my 1st day as an OR nurse trainee)