First blog post for this wonderful 2014!
By the way, Happy new year to all of you! :’)

It took me a week to blog again. Hehe! Work or school, oh reality of life starts to hit on again. I’m hoping for everyone to embrace 2014 with a baaaang! Do you have your new year’s resolutions already on your mind or on your heart or maybe on your soul? Hihi! Not only on paper, right? 🙂 what’s my point here, uhm.. You knew it already for sure. You just have to act sincerely on things you must do rather than just writing it out on a piece of paper. Starting another three hundred sixty-five pages of our life again and praying for an amazing journey ahead. More to read, to learn, and to experience every bit of life! Oh yes! Non-stop optimism for everyone!

Wish I could really be more brave for this year. Brave to take risks and make it through. Twenty-one is just a number. Mistakes and imperfections are just words. Myself is undefinable, unique, and precious.

I am ready for the blast of 2014 for God is with me ❤